Offer Details

Q: What is the current offer Clusterbooks is running ?

Clusterbooks is offering a Gift Card of $10 or a Pizza of equal money to first 20 people for uploading books and socail share.

Q: How I can get ๐ŸŽ$10 Gift Card๐ŸŽ or ๐Ÿ•Pizza๐Ÿ• ?

You will need to upload a minimum of 20 Books details on and share on minimum of 2 social media to be eligible for the offer.

Q: What I should do once I am done uploading books and sharing on social media ?

Please write us an email to with a screenshot of social share.

Q: When I will get reward ?

You will get your reward after 30 days of upolading and you will need to send us email. Our team will reach out to you via email.

Q: For whome this offer is available ?

This offer is availabe for everyone in USA.

Q: Is there any limit of how many people can get required ?

Yes, this offer is only for first 20 people.