Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Clusterbooks ?

Clusterbooks is the market place to buy and sell books directly to people.

Q: How to sell books on Clusterbooks ?

To sell books you need to first sign up on Clusterbooks, and then upload the books details using + (Plus) sign.

Q: How to buy books on Clusterbooks ?

Search for the book you are interestend in, Use the live chat option can connet to seller, and get the book directly from seller.

Q: Is Clusterbooks Free ?

Yes, Clusterbooks is Free to use.

Q: How to sell books near me ?

You will first need to provide your location while uploading book infomation, and if someone is looking for that book they will see the near location and will contact you on Clusterbooks in the message chat.

Q: How to buy books near me ?

You can serch books by name, isbn, location etc. and contact directly to seller using live chat option.